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Preventing Drug Abuse Through Parental Education

We at First Check understand the importance of preventing drug abuse among our nation’s children. That is why First Check is a proud sponsor and supporter of notMYkid.

notMYkid is a national drug prevention program aimed at parents of middle school students. notMYkid’s goal is to educate parents about current drug trends and arm them with knowledge to help protect their children. notMYkid introduced the concept of home drug testing as a prevention tool for parents and continues to educate parents about how to create a proactive family drug prevention plan.

Program rationale:

Parents often have the “not my kid” mentality, thinking, “My kid would never try drugs.” The truth is, parents don’t generally know their kids have tried or have become addicted to drugs until the kids are two years into the addictive behavior. By educating parents of middle school students we can work together to protect children. Middle school students are more likely to still respect and listen to their parents, at least more often than a high school student.

Program activities:

The notMYkid presentation is an interactive PowerPoint presentation that educates parents and teachers about current drug trends, terminology, and paraphernalia. At the end of the presentation each attendee is offered a complimentary First Check® Home Drug Test kit.

See notMYkid for more information.