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First Check Home Diagnostic Test Kits


First Check Home Diagnostic Test Kits August 23, 2016 By Erinn Sluka Samples sent for feature OK, Mom and Dad’s! How many of you have laid awake at night wondering how you can turn your FBI mode on and see what is really going on with your teen? Whether there has been a major life event such as…Read More

Teens & Drugs – Is it Time for “That” Talk?


Teens & Drugs – Is it Time for “That” Talk? August 12, 2016 by Melissa, Raising kids can be challenging and things tend to get even more complicated when they hit the teenage stage of life. Their bodies are changing, hormones are all out of whack and they’re faced with pressures that they’ve never had before.…Read More


HAVE THE TALK Prepare Your Kid to Face Life’s Challenges Preventing Adolescent Substance Abuse    We never want to face the reality that our child could someday come face to face with the struggles of addiction. We wouldn’t wish this reality upon anyone and we do our best to prepare them for life’s challenges and hope…Read More

A Mother’s Story

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Was he born this way, or did we miss something in our parenting? This is a question all parents of addicts ask themselves. When our son was 14 and started experimenting with alcohol and cigarettes we reacted as most parents would. We discussed the dangers of drug use but we weren’t overly concerned as he…Read More

First Check on Lifetime TV

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It was a thrill for the team here at First Check to be featured on the Be the Change series on Lifetime TV’s The Balacing Act, alongside our longtime nonprofit partner notMYkid. The episode first aired last Tuesday, August 11th, but for those that missed it the episode will air again tomorrow, August 18th at…Read More

Behind the Scenes at The Balancing Act

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We are very excited to announce that representatives from First Check and our nonprofit partner, notMYkid, will be appearing on The Balancing Act, a morning television show on Lifetime TV. We will be highlighted as part of the show’s “Be the Change” series, which focuses on companies that are giving back to make a positive…Read More

A Proactive Approach to Prevention

Dr. Evan Espinosa

Of all the major decisions teenagers will make in their lives, the decision of whether or not to use drugs will be one of the most important. We all know the damage that chemical dependency can have on a person. If we heard that an adult family member or a co-worker was using drugs, the…Read More

Prevention Works

Shane Watson from notMYkid

“A child who reaches age 21 without smoking, abusing alcohol or using drugs is virtually certain never to do so.” –Joseph A. Califano Jr., (former United States Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare and the founder and former chairman of The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University) A staggering statistic from Columbia University’s Center…Read More