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First Check® Health

Take an active role in your future by monitoring your health and visiting your doctor regularly.
First Check understands the importance of knowing your risk for serious illnesses such as heart disease. That’s why we offer home test products that give you answers to important health questions. All First Check® tests undergo intensive clinical studies to ensure quality.

First Check Diagnostics is committed to providing precise, accurate home test products to monitor your health. These tests should not replace a regular exam by your physician.

How to use

Download this informative PDF for instructions.

Testing Tips

  • Do not fast prior to taking the test. Fasting causes dehydration, which makes it more difficult to get enough blood to run the test and usually results in a falsely low result.
  • Do not take any vitamin C one full day (24 hours) before taking the test. Vitamin C inhibits the action of the chemicals used in the test.
  • We recommend taking the test in afternoon or early evening.
  • If you take medication, never make any changes in your medication without consulting your doctor.