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Talking about drug abuse isn't easy but First Check® can help with conversation starters, support networks & home drug testing kits.

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Featured on Today

See Today's Rossen Reports segment featuring First Check and learn about the new ways teens are hiding drugs at home.


Not knowing exactly how to start that dialogue with them was hard…until I discovered First Check.


Though our first line of defense is to always keep an open and truthful dialogue going between us and all our kids, we've decided to make a small investment in a First Check home drug test to have on hand, in case we see any unusual behavior.


Our children face peer pressure all the time when it comes to using drugs. First Check home drug tests provide us with a tool and plan to help our teens get out of those situations.


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Expert Lab Testing

Your First Check® Home Drug Test sample can be sent to our state-of-the-art test laboratory for free confirmatory testing.

Drug test fetured on Rosses Reports

Today Show

See the TODAY segment that warns of new ways kids can hide drugs.

Father and son

A Mother's Story

Julie's personal story about her son's drug addiction will inspire you to learn more about prevention.

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