A Mother's Story

Was he born this way, or did we miss something in our parenting? This is a question all parents of addicts ask themselves. When our son was 14 and started experimenting with alcohol and cigarettes we reacted as most parents would. We discussed the dangers of drug use but we weren't overly concerned as he was our youngest and our other kids had passed through this stage with little problem or drama. But things had changed since we were young and we had no idea how quickly they could go bad.

When my son started down this path, I had not heard of notMYkid, but we certainly could have benefitted from the wealth of knowledge they offer. For instance, I had never heard of huffing or whippets, but if I had, I might have been more alarmed when I found tiny canisters in his room. His claim that they were for blowing up helium balloons would have fallen on deaf ears. As I spoke about in the video (above), my son is currently incarcerated after a long battle with substance abuse

Knowledge is power. I was powerless against his lies because I didn't have the proper knowledge. How did I not know my prescription pain pills were missing? I wasn't looking. I wish I had had notMYkid to tell me how dangerous old pain meds left around the house could be. Heroin was not a drug I even considered possible for my son to abuse. I didn't know it could be smoked. I didn't know what meth looked like. How can you fight a battle if you don't know what the weapons are that are being used? How can you find the drugs when you don't know where and how he could be hiding them? Perhaps most importantly how can you learn the difference between helping your child and enabling?

We had to learn the hard way, the long way, the dangerous way. Fortunately, our son is still alive but I will spend the rest of my days helping other parents educate themselves so they don't have to go through what we did. I hope that my story will help to inspire parents to take action. Be proactive, educate yourself, and create a family prevention plan.

-This post was contributed by Julie Hancock via notMYkid


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