Drug Test FAQs

Drug Test FAQs

How do I ship the sample to the lab?

Step 1: Attach Identification Label

  • Attach Identification Label to the Collection Cup and place check mark in the box for the drug(s) that gave a Preliminary Positive Result.
  • Attach the lower portion of the Identification Label to the designated location on the insert and store in a safe place.

Important: Without this Identification Label, we will be unable to test your sample and you will need this number to retrieve your results.

Step 2: Place Test in Box

  • Make sure the Test Lid is securely fastened to the Collection Cup then place it in the Plastic Transportation Bag.
  • Seal bag and place into the Pre-Addressed Mailing Box.

Step 3: Ship Sample

  • Close Pre-Addressed Mailing Box and secure with packing tape.
  • Samples should be mailed within 24 hours of collection.

Important: The mailing box is not pre-paid. To ensure prompt delivery, be sure to pay the mail service the appropriate shipping charges. For shipping costs, visit these resources:

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When is the best time to take the test?
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The Drug Line is lighter than the Control Line. Does this mean some drug is present?
How accurate are First Check® Home Drug Tests?
Before taking the test, users must read all of the content in the package insert.

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