Drug Test Instructions

How to use First Check® Drug Test

To ensure you achieve fast, accurate results, each First Check Home Drug Test kit comes with easy, step-by-step instructions, as well as guidance for reading and understanding your test result.

Before You Test

  • Read all instructions included with your kit.

  • Have a watch, clock, or timer available.

  • Check the expiration date on the box. Do not use if product has expired.

Step 1 - Take the Test

  • When you are ready to test, remove the Test Lid from the sealed foil pouch.

  • Remove plastic wrapper from the Collection Cup. Fill the Cup with urine to at least the minimum urine level line.

Step 2 - Activate Test

  • Twist the Test Lid securely on to the Collection Cup. Ensure the lid is fastened tightly.

  • Activate the test by tipping the Collection Cup on its side, resting the Test Legs on a flat surface. The First Check logo should be facing up.

Step 3 - Read Your Results

  • You can read your results after 5 minutes, but do not wait longer than 10 minutes.

  • A red or pink colored line must appear next to the word Control to indicate the test has worked correctly.

No DRUG DETECTED / Negative Result

A red or pink colored line next to the word Control AND a red or pink colored line next to the word Drug indicates a Negative Result for that drug, regardless of how dark or faint the lines may appear. No further testing is required.

DRUG DETECTED / Preliminary Positive Result

A red or pink colored line next to the word Control and NO line next to the word Drug indicates a Preliminary Positive Result for that drug.


If after 10 minutes NO line appears next to the word Control, the result is Invalid.


Before taking the test, users must read all of the content in the package insert. For a list of reactive and non-reactive drugs, see the drug testing guides, which can be found on the Instructions tab within the product pages.

For more details, please see your package insert, download a drug testing guide, or watch our video below.

We're Here to Help

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